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5 Effective Strategies for Building Vocabulary

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Vocabulary is a very powerful carrier of meaning. Language learners get much of their message across through vocabulary even if they have little knowledge of grammar. Many language learners state that their difficulties both in understanding and producing language are due to inadequate vocabulary, so they devote a great deal of time to vocabulary learning. However, vocabulary acquisition is typically a demanding process that requires conscious use of vocabulary learning strategies. Here are 5 effective strategies for building vocabulary with Atlas Vocabulary Builder:

1. Studying words in different contexts

Different types of vocabulary exercises in app

Memorizing vocabulary lists will not get you far. Because you will not learn how to use the words, you will eventually forget them. Learning vocabulary items in context increases your chance of remembering them as the context will help you learn how they are used. Atlas makes sure that you are exposed to vocabulary in different contexts through various exercises.

2. Learning the pronunciation and spelling of words

vocabulary spelling and pronunciation exercises

Pronunciation and spelling are essential components of successful language production. Accurate spelling is closely linked to strong reading and writing skills whereas knowing the correct pronunciation of words contributes to your listening and speaking. Atlas helps you master the pronunciation and spelling of every single word you learn!

3. Connecting words to their synonyms

Synonym exercises in vocabulary app

This strategy will help you better understand words and remember them easily. Using synonyms skillfully will increase both your written and spoken proficiency in that language. On Atlas, you learn synonyms along with words and practice them in the exercises section.

4. Revising words you learned

Flashcards, widgets and reminders in vocabulary app

Vocabulary learning requires repeated attention to individual items so learners need to develop certain strategies for revision. Using Atlas, you do not need to worry about that because it creates flashcards for the words you want to revise. Besides flashcards, the app generates so many different exercises so you retain the vocabulary you learn. Also, reminder notifications are delivered right to your phone screen to ensure repeated exposure to your words. You can get as many notifications as you like in a day.

5. Keep a vocabulary notebook

Personalized vocabulary notebook in vocabulary app.

Keeping a vocabulary notebook is one of the best strategies to expand your repertoire of vocabulary. Besides letting you keep all your words organized, it enables you to take more responsibility for your own learning by being more cognitively involved in the process. Atlas gets you to keep a vocabulary notebook so you customize and manage your own learning.

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