Atlas Vocabulary

The ultimate vocabulary

learning tool.

Atlas provides English vocabulary in context along with their pronunciation and synonyms.

You can do several game-like exercises to learn words better and collect points to unlock new word sets.

What's new?

Version 2.0.1     (29.03.2019)

- do several more exercises with increased focus on word       definitions, synonyms and more context.

- collect points by doing game-like exercises to unlock new     words.

- do quizzes, progress tests and module exams regularly to     keep track of your progress.

- go back and revise your completed sets.


Match Definition

You can do a matching exercise to work on the definitions of words.

Study the synonyms

You can learn the synonyms of words better through ‘find the synonyms’ and ‘odd one out’ exercises.

Type-in words

You can further work on the definitions and study the spelling of the words through a fun exercise.

Multiple Choice Practice

Multiple choice exercises give you a chance to do further practice through different sentences and contexts.

Gap-fill Exercises

Gap-fill exercises provide you with more context and good practice to make learning even more permanent.